Mindful Movement flow IWC

Mindful movement flow

Soothe & strengthen your body with movement and mindfulness practices

This is a class for everyone. You get to choose the intensity and depth of your movements. My job is to create a space for you to explore what you need to feel nourished in body and mind.

My hope is that you will leave class with a calmer mind, a little more self-awareness, and the feeling of a strong, capable body. You then bring these positive benefits out into the world and through your joy of living, you bring joy to those around you.

We work with 3 different practices:

Relaxing movement to relieve tension and increase awareness of your body
– Dynamic stabilising and strengthening exercises to build confidence and mobility
Mindfulness practices to focus and relax your mind

I operate a flipped classroom. In this pedagogic model the teacher guides students as they themselves apply concepts and engage creatively with their own somatic experience. I aim to create a space where my students can feel safe and supported in creating their own self-care practices.​

This class is 90 minutes. It is recommended for everyone, though please let me know in advance if you have any injuries or illnesses which are relevant for me to be aware of. There is no flexibility required.

The studio is located at Dronningensgate 23.


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Class pass

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