What other students think about my classes

What other students think about my classes

Dynamic flow in Oslo

Carols yoga classes are relaxing and also deep. We slowly and carefully go deep within our bodies in the poses she brings to class. It’s not a push-on-through go-as-deep-as-you-can yoga. Gentleness is emphasized and yet I always feel the class is very deep. It’s gentle but not boring, I certainly feel I work hard in class but not sweaty aerobic work! It’s very, very therapeutic.

Sara (36)

Dynamic flow in Oslo

I have been practicing yoga since 2014 and always had a feeling like I was not doing it in the best way possible. I changed a few studios and was feeling frustrated over the fact that my yoga postures were not ‘perfect’ even after 5 years of practice. Then I joined yoga with Carol. She explained how my body is unique and that there is no ‘perfect’ postures unless I feel perfect doing them. It was a completely different approach: personalized, logical and healing for my body. I really enjoy Carol’s classes with energy accumulation and joy.

Sasha (28)

Yoga for gravide at Holmlia

Jeg synes klassen var veldig fin, passe intensitet og jeg liker veldig godt at du tok deg tid til å justere øvelsene slik at de passet hver enkelt av oss, og også kunne justeres etter dagsformen. Den er jo ganske uforutsigbar når man er gravid.

Anett (26)

Dynamic flow at Holmlia

Carol er en utrolig dyktig, dedikert, tydelig og behagelig yogalærer! Jeg var helt nybegynner og hun er flink til å tilrettelegge for alle nivå. Jeg angrer bare på at jeg ikke begynte før.

Thea (35)

Restorative flow at Holmlia

Amazingly thorough and careful instructor, something you meet rarely out there among thousands of newly yoga instructors. Very resourceful and creative in personalising practice for everyone after their special needs.

Stef (35)

Dynamic flow at Holmlia

Jeg tåler styrketrening bedre uten og bli så støl. Spesifikk bedre ytelse og tåle evne i knebøy , dette som resultat av sterkere mage/core muskulatur.

Mann (50)

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