The 3 minute home-office commute

Several of my students have told me that they are much less physically active in their home office. One thing they point to is the lack of interruptions from co-workers. A normal day at work would be punctuated by chats at the coffee machine, moving between meetings, and frequent small interruptions in person or on…

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3 blankets for everyday practice

I have been wondering how to facilitate a nourishing home-practice for students during the coronavirus lockdown without the need to invest in expensive props. Being able to change the shape of the floor or the length of your arms using props makes poses more accessible and comfortable. With many of you now building a home…

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How to start a home practice

Daily home practice helps you to replenish the energy you spend while out living your life. This helps to reduce stress and increase your feelings of vitality. Home practice is the core of your practice. It helps you to understand deeply how your body works and what you need to be nourished. Do more of…

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Learn how to use helpful props to make your practice more accessible and comfortable. Then try out a 3 minute practice.

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