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Mindful movement

Relax and restore with movement and mindfulness practices.

Wednesday 20:00 Calming flow
Saturday 10:00 Energising flow

Language: English
* These classes are online

Calming flow and Energising flow are two classes which complement each other. Each class contains a formal breathing practice to calm your nervous system and a meditation to help center your mind. To prepare for this inner work, we first use movement to ease tension and build mindful awareness.

Calming flow is designed to relax your body and calm your mind in preparation for sleep. Energising flow is designed to shake off sleepy stiffness and build energy for your day.

Practicing mindful movement will give you skills to help you in any situation. Whether you feel sluggish or over-stimulated, stressed out or unfocused, or simply doing a little self-care, you will be able to use the practices from these classes to soothe and balance yourself.

It is recommended to have 3 blankets to assist in your practice.

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