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Online courses

Mindful Moments

Free 2 week course: Get started with the basics

Weave peacefulness into your daily routine with Mindful Moments. These moments center and ground you in the present moment, building peacefulness and joy. You will carry that good feeling with you throughout your day.

Habits of Loving-kindness

A 3 part course which explores essential elements of living a more mindful, peaceful life and how to create space for a daily loving-kindness practice

A loving-kindness practice benefits both you and everyone else in your life. Loving-kindness practices replenish lost energy. Just as you cannot pour from an empty cup, you cannot give true love from a tired heart. Doing kind things makes us both happier and kindner. A regular habit builds joy day by day.

Your mindfulness toolbox

Group classes

Challenge yourself, learn new things, and find inspiration in group classes.

Join group classes in person or online.

Self-guided practices

Self-guided restorative sequences allow you to take an energy-replenishing break from as little as 3 minutes, with nothing more than 3 blankets.

Short courses

Learn to weave habits of mindfulness into your daily routines.
Explore movement with a series of classes built around a theme.

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